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Hi guys, do you need Ola Capcut Template to edit your video? Here is the new template which is used by 213 M+ TikTok users. You can simply import your photos and get a video of 00:15 Seconds to share on TikTok. This template is created by Ola on CapCut. Details about the template are given below.

Template Information

Template Name Ola Capcut Template
Author Ola
Duration 00:15 Seconds
Usage 213 M+

Use Template

CapCut/Template Description

You don’t even have to worry about RAW file formats, because Adobe Lightroom supports all 6 of them! Whatever camera you use, you can always upload it to the app and edit it however you want!


You can also see a bunch of amazing masterpieces created by different users in the app. You can then share your edited photos in the Discover section and also on your social media accounts.

The great thing about the CapCut user interface is that it’s not that complicated. It has simplicity and a minimalistic design that allows both beginners and experts to easily edit. But rest assured, every editing tool you need to create stunning photos is available at the click of a button.

How to use Template?

Editing video with this template is very simple, just use this process and enjoy.

  • Go to the link —®ion=PH
  • Click on the button (Use Template)
  • Again in CapCut, click the Use Template button.
  • Import your photos and export the video.

That’s it, if this link or anything is not working then drop your comment here.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about the template created by Ola . If you are going to use this template then kindly like this template and share it with your friends.

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